Friday, February 11, 2011


Look at this big, plump, juicy thing.
Man, peyote take a LONG time to grow.  I have kept these cacti close to my heart throughout the last five years, carrying them with me in all my travels across this great brown land.  Four of the specimens you see were carefully nurtured  from seed, and now, 5 years later, they are barely 1 cm wide.  The fifth, and largest, was entrusted to me at the same time as the seeds when it had already graced this plane for 3 years.  They require love and attention, especially when growing outside of their natural climes.  This population originally numbered 12, 10 grown from seed and two preconceived, however over the years seven of them have succumbed to various blights and unknown ailments.

These were given to me by a friend who was leaving the country and couldn't take them with him.  He advised me that they take 7 to 10 years to mature so I knew that this would be a long term project, however they require little time, effort, or financial investment, so I was happy to enjoy their company upon my windowsill.

One of the great things about the peyote cactus is it's ability to regenerate.  When a peyote button is cut off, if the plant is healthy enough it will regenerate two or more buttons in the same place.  You can see this in one of my smaller cacti which was attacked and half-eaten by a bird about a year and a half ago, and has now regenerated into three buttons.  So when you eat it, you get more back in the long run!
People looks like this?

Now, the largest of my cacti is 7 years old and has reached maturity.  I'm turning 24 in march and I figure its the perfect time to partake of his fruit.  I've not experienced mescaline before, but from talking to a few people it sounds like a really awesome trip.  A couple of people have described the visual aspect of the trip as being akin to being inside a cubist painting, everything becomes all blocky and square.  Sounds pretty interesting.

Have any of you guys experienced mescaline, either from a peyote button or in some other form?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Nice post!!

    I wait on my blog!!!

  2. no i haven't. but these things looks cool

  3. Really enjoy reading your blog thankyou.

  4. First thing to expect: you WILL throw up.
    Second thing: you WILL trip balls.
    Third thing: you WILL come down.

    Remember those, and happy sailing!

  5. 5 years and still going? You've got to have some patience to grow these babies. You have my full respect.

  6. Wow dude. so glad im following you. Very interesting... What kind of music do you like? Hit me back? btw, how often do you smoke peyote? I never have...

  7. no i haven't and it's the first time i see something like this.followed

  8. Dude, I actually want to try peyote. Shit is fucked up

  9. awesome that they keep you, ive got a green thumb myself though havent had the chance for mescalito in my life. deff gunna coffee follow you.

  10. that's one seriously slow-growing plant!

  11. Now this is what I call a nice find! I'm really lucky I came across your blog!

    Like the theme, music.. everything! Keep it on, man!

    Most def following and supporting.

  12. So, is that like a cactus? or wha

  13. Wow this is beautiful day all that time and effort will be worth it I'm sure.

    Definitely following this blog, fellow Aussie here :)